omelette recipe | how to make an omelette | western omelette

omelette recipe | how to make an omelette | western omelette

how to make an omelette

omelette in a mug omelette recipe

5 Egg whites
1/2 cup finely chopped onions 
1 Tsp red chilli powder {cayenne pepper}
pinch of turmeric
1/4 Tsp garam masala powder {optional} 
Salt to taste
Few coriander leaves to garnish

- In a bowl add above ingredients other than coriander leaves. 
- Mix them well. Adjust salt & spiciness if needed. 
- Take 2 mugs & fill them up half the way. 
- Now microwave it for 1 minute.  Take it out & mix the ingredients. 
- Now microwave for another 1 minute.
- If you find any liquid then microwave again.
- Garnish with coriander & serve. 

Mini Omelette | omelette recipe

3 Large egg whites 
1 Whole egg 
2 Tbs sun-dried tomatoes chopped
1/2 Cup diced onions 
4 Green chili's chopped
1 Tbs oil

- Whisk all the ingredients in a bowl other than oil in a bowl. 
- Heat a mini pancake pan with little oil in all the rounds. 
- Half fill the rounds with egg mixture.
- Cook them in medium heat for 3 mins or until they nicely done on the other half. 
- Rotate them with a spoon & allow the other side to cook for another 3 mins.
- Switch off heat & remove them.
- Serve them with rice or along with ketchup.

tortilla de patatas | Spanish Omelette

2 Potatoes thinly slices
1 medium onion chopped
6 Egg whites 
Few cilantro leaves chopped
2 Tsp Black Pepper / chili powder for taste { Adjust as needed}
Salt for taste
2 Tbs oil for potatoes & onion + 1 Tbs oil for omelette

- Thin slice potatoes as shown in the picture. 
- Heat a non-stick pan with oil. To that add potatoes & onions. 
- Cook on medium heat for few minutes, then check if potatoes are cooked by pricking them with a tooth peck. 
- Once potatoes are cooked perfectly, switch off heat & keep aside. 
- Mean while break eggs in to a big bowl while separating yellow from whites.
- Add enough salt & pepper & whisk it lightly. 
- Add cooked onions & potatoes to the egg mixture along with coriander leaves. Mix in well. Adjust salt & pepper if needed.
- Heat a non-stick wide pan with oil & add the egg mixture to it. 
- Cook on low heat till a nice crust is formed. Now flip carefully & cook other side too.
- Do a tooth pick check & if it comes out clean switch off heat. 
- Transfer it to a plate. Cut in to pieces & serve.

Baked Omelette

3 Large eggs
1/2Cup chopped onions 
1Tomato finely chopped 
1/4Cup coriander leaves finely chopped 
1/2Tsp turmeric 
1&1/2Tsp chili powder 
1Tsp garam masala powder {Optional}

Salt to Taste 

- Pre-heat oven @350 degrees & line a deep baking bowl with sliver foil. Brush it with little oil.
- In a large bowl add onions, tomatoes, coriander leaves, turmeric, garam masala powder, chili powder & salt. Mix them well.
- Break open eggs in to the veggie mixture. Whisk the mixture & pour it in to the foiled baking dish.
- Bake for 15 to 20mins or until a wooden pick comes out clean. 
- Remove from oven & cool it on counter top.
- Don't use a spatula to remove the omelette. Remove foil from baking dish & flip on to a plate to avoid breaking the omelette. 
- Serve once it is warm.

omelette recipe